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Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • RPB Industries offers precision directional drilling services throughout Western Canada and Alberta and is a leading provider of horizontal directional drilling. Horizontal directional drilling, commonly referred to as HDD or trenchless, avoids man-made and natural surface obstacles. It is the preferred method of installation for pipelines and other utilities. With HDD drilling, it is possible to drill under roadways, river crossings, and mountainous regions with less equipment at a lower cost

    There are several benefits to HDD drilling, some of these include:

    • Lower costs and increased productivity when compared to traditional trench drilling.
    • There is substantially less noise and pollution from HDD drilling.
    • Drilling below an obstacle decreases surface disruption.
    • HDD drilling minimizes above-ground construction intrusions.
    • Adverse weather conditional generally do not affect progress.
    • Water pumping from trenches is no longer necessary.

Rehabilitative Pipe Bursting

… a one-pass solution.

Offering a more productive and cost-effective solution for replacement of damaged and decayed infrastructure piping. From residential sewer service lines in need of replacement to commercial water, sewer or utilities lines such as gas piping that needs to be refurbished or up-sized due to growing demands. A trenchless approach such as pipe bursting may be the answer, as well a full inspection before and after operations can be completed with our CCTV inspection camera.

  • Greatly Improve your projects time-line and restoration costs.
  • Decrease public distrubance and road closers by reducing surface disturbance by as much as 85%.
  • A huge range of product size and type can be placed.
  • Upsize pipe to handle growing demands.
  • Greatly reduce cost and risks of exposing and crossing foreign utilities.
  • CCTV camera inspection.

Utility Installation

With an extensive background in utility installation and a staff with over 30-years of combined experience in trenchless and open-cut utility construction.

You can trust RPB Industries to handle your next underground gas, power, or telecom project.

  • Equipment to handle a wide range of projects.
  • 30+ years of combined experience.
  • Trenchless, open-cut or plowing options available.
  • Multi-duct hardened structure.
  • Gas, power, telecom.
  • Servicing all of Western Canadas utility installation needs.