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RPB Industries has been providing HDD services for 10 years to the 4 western provinces and territories. We are fully insured, COR and Safety certified with very high safety standards. We provide an outstanding HDD Service with low environmental impact at the forefront. Listed below are just a few examples of the jobs we have successfully completed recently. We look forward to working with you on your next HDD Project.





RPB was contracted in 2018 to mobilize in and assist with Gland water Project at CNRL Horizon Plant in North Alberta. The project had fallen behind schedule as ground conditions proved complex and challenging. RPB was able to provide a workable mud program and completed over 2000 meters of the projects 18″ HDPE HDD Installs.


British Columbia


RPB was complemented with the opportunity to mobilize to Penticton BC in conjunction with the Penticton Indian Band to bring fresh water to the indigenous group. We found this project to be very rewarding. As most take fresh water for granted, being able to contribute to a healthier environment for the people was gratifying



CONA RESOURCES LTS. Pad to Pad 6″ flow line 2019

RPB was referred to the team at Cona resources in the winter of 2019 when the long-anticipated HDD project of drilling from lease site to lease site under a high priority environmental reserve site was to be completed. The challenge of completing 6″ 650 meter bore in sugar sand was increased due to the highly sensitive work area that was not accessible if a frac out was to happen. RPB in conjunction with Cona resources, employees and sub trades produced and implemented safe work practices and followed through, completing the bore in 3 days with no negative impact to the environment.

Our quality staff approach each and every job with a positive attitude that produces un-paralleled safe, productive results for our customers.

RPB is proud of our ability to keep staff employed year-round creating very low turn over which creates a well organized, knowledgeable group with 100 plus years of HDD experience. Out group thoroughly understand the fundamentals of directional drilling and respects our equipment that gets the job done. Our staff is mindful of customers property and respectful of their on site staff.

Out long list of happy customer is no secret, we will be happy to provide references upon request.

Our Equipment

2020 Ditch Witch HDD 20,000 LBS 2005 Good RPB
2720 Ditch Witch HDD 27,000 LBS 2000 Good RPB
3020 Ditch Witch HDD 30,000 LBS 2011 Good RPB
8020 Ditch Witch HDD 80,000 LBS 2009 Good RPB
100AT Ditch Witch HDD 100,000 LBS 2013 Good RPB
100JT Ditch Witch HDD 100,000 LBS 2010 Good RPB
Hydro-Vac 4000 3 CUBES 2001 Fair RPB
Hydro-Vac Tornado 5 CUBES 2015 Excellent RPB
200 Hitachi Excavator 20 TONNES 2013 Good RPB
135D JD Excavator 13 TONNES 2014 Excellent RPB
50G JD Excavator 5 TONNE 2018 Excellent RPB
50G JD Excavator 5 TONNE 2019 Excellent RPB
310SK JD Backhoe 5 TONNE 2013 Excellent RPB
320 JS Skidsteer 5 TONNE 2011 Excellent RPB


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